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Kinds of Modern Trampolines

Various modifications and adjustments to the trampoline over the years has led to a wide array of choices for users. Trampolines can be used for a lot of things, but they mainly fall into two categories namely fitness and recreation.

Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are on the more popular end on the list, in fact they are the go-to choice of any homeowner that wants to add a trampoline in the backyard. Available at a diameter of anywhere from twelve up to sixteen feet, round trampolines are commonly surrounded by secure safety nets and are highly recommended for children’s recreational use.

The Rectangular Type of Trampoline

The ever-growing popularity of rectangular trampolines can be credited to a lot of factors, but there are two main reasons that standout. The shape of the trampoline itself is one of the reason why people prefer it, specifically because it better fits in the backyard all things considered including the space and possible fencing. The other reason for people’s preference in this trampoline shape is because of the higher bounce that it gives; uneven distribution is behind the higher bounce. Take caution because the rectangular trampoline is actually only recommended for skilled jumpers, gymnasts or basically those who know what they’re doing.

Water Trampolines

Basically, trampolines that are water based are inflatable and are installed in spacious areas. If you’re looking for a trampoline where people can bounce on for hours or as a device to launch people right into water then water trampolines are the best option. Water trampolines are a favorite option among summer camps as well as lakeside resorts.

The Mini Type of Trampoline

Usually, the mini trampoline is specifically used for fitness routines. Besides the fact that they are not a headache to store, mini trampolines can be used indoor or outdoor and you can enjoy health benefits at a low impact.

Mini Trampolines and the Biggest Benefit They Can Offer

Trampoline jumping offers a lot of surprising benefits, hence its incredible popularity.


There’s no denying that trampolines offer a lot of health benefits, but one of the biggest advantages for such a device is the entertainment value. As someone who has tried a form of exercise routine before, regardless of how simple or difficult it was, there’s no denying that those routines can be redundant and boring unlike that of a trampoline. On top of that, users said that using trampolines for exercises remind them of their childhood.

Low Impact Cardio

Almost all the cardio exercise you’ll see are high-impact and are quite difficult on the body. Trampolines are worlds softer especially when compared trials and roadways for running; leg and foot problems are a real issue in the future due to the jarring.

Burn Calories

Aerobic activities, no matter what they may be, will burn calories and that includes having fun while jumping on a trampoline. The main difference is the fun you’ll experience while burning calories.

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