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A Guide to Data Center Backup Power

Even the slightest flaw data design could prove quite expensive. In the piece is some critical aspects you need to know on the question of the right data center power distribution. About 36 percent of data center failures occur due to power failures. Bearing in mind these are where your vital processing systems are, even the slightest power outage can be overwhelming to a business. You stand to lose a lot of work due to downtime, and you may also have to deal with dissatisfied customers when you cannot get their data, or they cannot reach you. Furthermore, you may lose critical data because of the crash. Thirty-six percent is an astonishingly great number; even with quality data center power distribution, it my still happen to you. You can’t stop a power interruption from occurring. Nonetheless, it would be a wise idea to prepare for one and reduce losses incurred. In the post, we will discuss a few factors about data center power distribution you ought to know about.

You ought to be careful or you could end up with inadequate or too much power for your needs. Don’t feel rushed when finding out how much power is needed for your backup system to ensure you don’t make costly blunders. Among the biggest blunders that people normally make is deciding according to the needs on their severs’ nameplate power ratings. In most real-life cases, the servers will only utilize about 50 percent of their computer capacity at any one time. This means if you center your backup calculations on nameplate power ratings, you are likely to spend way above what you actually need. Instead, it is best to check the past power usage for your data center. Without doubt, you should go for a potent solution that provides a bit more than your past maximum usage; however, there is no need to go over the line.
A quality backup system should have numerous in-built point of failures. Otherwise, you might risk the entire backup system failing. A good option would to use two power distribution units in your backup system. In this case, the possibility of your entire power system failing becomes extremely small.

Guarantee that you carefully go through the equipment you settle for to suit your backup system. The chances are you might have a system that offers way more power than required or have a backup system that will eventually overload your uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A good way to avoid tripping your UPS, ensure you check the documentation of your servers and pick something well-matched with the existing equipment. It should be suitable for the task.

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