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AAP in the air | The Indian Express

This refers to ‘Curtains on Saifai event as stars praise CM, Mulayam’ (IE, January 10). * The elaborate public communications exercise that the AAP is currently engaged in to ascertain the aam jantas view on whether it should form the government in Delhi with Congress support,can be justified as an unavoidable part of its politics. The danger,however,is that in the process,it may be ruining its chance of becoming a national-level player. It may alienate people who didnt vote for it but,after the election results,are now sympathetic to it. The AAP is afraid that the Congress will withdraw support suddenly and thereby sabotage its plans. But the chief minister of an AAP government that is supported by the Congress from the outside can always resign if he feels there is an unacceptable level of interference in policymaking. Urvashi Dhamija. New Delhi. Low expectations. * This refers to the editorial Closed for no work (IE,December 20). It is disappointing to note that the winter session of Parliament has been cut short and ended abruptly after the passing of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill. Parliament should have discussed other important and long-pending issues like womens reservation,protection for whistleblowers and judicial accountability. Even now,there is scope to reconvene the House at short notice as it has not been prorogued. But the editorial is right when it observes that this may be too much to ask for. R.K. Kapoor. Chandigarh. Just another agency. * Parliament deserves praise for successfully passing the Lokpal Bill. Though,lets not forget that its implementation will be key. The UPA would do well to remember that even though India has several laws to deal with wrongdoings and corruption,more often than not,culprits manage to escape punishment. Utmost care should be taken to ensure that the lokpal doesnt become a law unto itself because of its sweeping powers. Ketan R. Meher. Virar. Missing the point. * This refers to Khobragade case: Mayawati gives a Dalit spin,Khurshid vows to restore diplomats dignity(IE,December 19). BSP leader Mayawatis attempt to give the Devyani Khobragade episode a caste angle is unfortunate. Even the UPAs most bitter critics will concede that the Indian governments decision to convey its displeasure to the US is a first. We have been taken for granted for far too long because we are soft and dont respond to insults or provocations. We must back our government. One feels outraged about Khobragades humiliation as an Indian. Her caste identity is irrelevant.
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