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Abhayanand, isolated after surprise letter to CRPF | The Indian Express

The story of the relationship between state and private enterprise needs a rewrite. DGP Abhayanand’s letter to the CRPF director general  not to post any Bihar officers for anti-Naxal operations in the state has spread dismay through the administration. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has distanced himself from the suggestion, and the state government has conveyed as much to the home ministry. What police officials are wondering about is what prompted Abhayanand to write that letter based on apparently the lone instance of a Gaya CRPF assistant commandant, who is a local resident, “leaking” vital information to a Naxal leader belonging to the same caste as he does. The CRPF officer is currently under arrest. If Abhayanand knew about at least half a dozen other such cases, he should have pointed these out so as to make his point. If the DGP’s idea was just to send a message to Bihar officers who often seek postings home and may be reluctant to take on Naxals, tarring every officer of the state with the same brush was certainly not how he should have gone about it. A large section of Bihar police officers also think that the recommendation of an internal inquiry to keep an eye on CRPF officers or putting in place an internal monitoring system could have been a more professional approach by the Bihar DGP. Five CRPF battalions with, among others, officers from Bihar are currently deployed in areas with a Naxal presence, mainly Gaya, Aurangabad and Jamui. The fact is that many of these officers are given home postings because of their good knowledge of the terrain. Abhayanand also sought posting of the 159 battalion of CRPF from Gaya to outside Bihar. Apart from embarrassing CM Nitish, who often talks of Bihar asmita or pride and invites police officers from the state working in other parts of the country to come back and serve at home, Abhayanand’s letter may also worsen relations between the CRPF and police. CRPF officers anyway do not have great coordination with Bihar police officers when it comes to carrying out anti-Naxal operations.
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