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Arvind Kejriwal hits back at Vinod Binny; says the AAP MLA wants LS ticket – The Economic Times

“Why didn’t Binny speak in yesterday’s meet of candidates who had contested Assembly polls if he wanted to on certain issues,” Kejriwal asked. Stating that Binny wanted a cabinet berth first and recently asked him for Lok Sabha ticket, Kejriwal said, “Party has decided sitting MLAs won’t get ticket for MP post.” Earlier in the day, Binny had expressed dissatisfaction over the Delhi government’s functioning. Binny claimed that the Delhi government is drifting from core issues. “I will divulge more details in a news conference,” Binny said. “There are a lot of differences between the promises we made and how it’s going to be delivered,” Binny said. Criticising the Delhi government for its style of functioning, Binny said, “The issues on the basis of which the party came to power, I feel party is drifting away from it.” Binny also threatened to go on a hunger strike. Reacting to the statement, Congress said, “AAP made unrealistic promises. Every political party needs to be responsible. It should not make promises that cannot be fulfilled.” This is not the first time that an apparent rift between Binny and the AAP has emerged. Binny had been upset when Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced his cabinet which did not include his name. Binny had walked out of a meeting with Kejriwal at his residence at that time. However, AAP had said that the issue had been resolved. AAP has been courting controversy this week. Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti ton Tuesday came under attack from ally Congress and opposition BJP which demanded his removal over his being indicted by a court for “tampering of evidence” in a case in which he had appeared as a lawyer. However, Bharti put up a stout defence saying the court was “wrong” in the matter. The demand for his resignation came in the wake of reports on a ruling by Special CBI judge Poonam Bamba in a case in August, 2013 that the conduct of Pawan Kumar and his advocate (Bharti) “is not only highly objectionable and unethical but also amounts to tampering with evidence.”
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