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Arvind Kejriwal takes on Delhi Police, issues an ultimatum to the Police Commissioner – The Economic Times

NEW DELHI: Stating that the Delhi Police is refusing to act against criminals, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday warned that action must be taken against errant officers. “Delhi Police is highly compromised. Accountability is needed,” Kejriwal said. Issuing an ultimatum to the Delhi Police Commissioner, Kejriwal said, “We demand the erring SHOs be suspended. I will meet the commissioner tomorrow.” “How can Delhi Police say state ministers interfering in their work? Police is just refusing to act,” Kejriwal slammed. “We need to look into the fact as to why such incidents of crime are happening in Delhi,” he added. Kejriwal’s statement comes after Delhi Police allegedly refused to act on Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti’s tip off. The Police is said to have refused on the grounds of not having a warrant. Bharti said, “I went for a surprise check after receiving complaints about alleged sex trade. The Police refused to conduct a raid when I asked them to.” AAP government has been courting controversy the entire week, with many fissures and difference of opinions emerging within the party. Earlier in the day, party MLA Vinod Binny called the Delhi Chief Minister a dictator. Slamming AAP for not practising what it preaches, Binny said that the party deviated from its principles by forming a government that took support of Congress. “This is against the party’s principles,” Binny said. Accusing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of acting at the behest of the Congress, Binny said, “Sandeep Dikshit and Arvind Kejriwal are close friends. The decisions are being influenced by Congress.” “Many leaders could voice their dissent in coming days,” Binny added. “Why is Kejriwal not acting on corrupt leaders of the previous Congress regime?” he asked. Binny also alleged that Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas, Sanjay Singh & Arvind Kejriwal form the core group of AAP. “They take all decisions behind closed doors,” he said. “Aam Aadmi Party is always hungry for publicity. AAP’s manifesto is a play of words with the people,” he said. “You (Kejriwal) have become a dictator. Stop fooling the people of Delhi. All decisions in the party are taken in closed rooms by four-five people. Arvind gets angry if people express any differences with him. If anyone speaks against him, he starts shouting,” Binny said. On its part, AAP rejected the allegations made by Binny. Yogendra Yadav said, “There is no option but to take disciplinary action. A show cause notice will be sent to Binny. We are a democratic party.” Stating that party was saddened by all that Binny had alleged, Yadav said, “Instead of telling the party his complaints, Binny directly went to the media which is sad.” “There were many party forums where Binny ji could have put his issues forward but he went to the media,” Yadav said. Yadav went on to say that the attitude of Binny reflects a case a ‘grapes being sour’. “Vinod Kumar Binny is making charges because he is upset at not being given Lok Sabha ticket,” AAP said. According to Yadav, Binny seemed to be influenced by someone. “It seemed as if Binny ji was reading out someone else’s speech. It had same issues which Dr. Harshvardhan raises,” Yadav said. “In his press conference, it seems like Binny was reading letter written by somebody else,” he added.
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