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Beat Box: Hasee Toh Phasee | The Indian Express

Related. The music from this movie is a classic example of doing better in terms of naming songs than the compositions themselves. All of them sound either snazzily attractive (Punjabi wedding song, Shake it like Shammi, Drama queen) or soulful sufi (Ishq bulava, Zehnaseeb). And unsurprisingly, few of them hit where they aim. The title, Punjabi wedding song, would lead you to expect some sort of a new age twist to the regular Bollywood Punjabi number. Instead it ends up being an extravagant bore, replete with overfamiliar tunes. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics, as always, try to do new things but are bogged down by the mediocre tune. Shake it like Shammi has similar problems, but for Benny Dayal’s energetic vocals. Designed as an ode to Bollywood’s original dancing star Shammi Kapoor, the song is fashioned around the tropes of a Kapoor-Mohammad Rafi song, with similar sounding tunes and the breathless punctuations. Where the duo of Vishal-Shekhar salvages (kind of) the album is with the more soulful numbers that come in the second-half of the album, barring Manchala though. The composers, who had had created the wonderful Bin tere with Shafqat Amanat Ali before, try to inhabit similar space here, employing Ali’s Sufi vocals to soft rock, pop effect, but the song astoundingly disappoints. Zehnaseeb is the album’s only song that holds its own, proving yet again, how there is no substitute to gentle, charming melody. The arrangement is appropriately upbeat, adding a nice, sunny vibe to the song. Chinmayi Sreepada, who sung the lilting Titli in Chennai Express, works well for the song co-sung by Shekhar himself. So does Ishq bulava. Sanam Puri’s unusual vocals, a fine balance of pop and folk, works well for the song. A large part of the album is crippled by what most recent Bollywood albums, masquerading as new-age, cool pop suffer from — a simple, good melody, that can’t be compensated by even a great song arrangement. It’s also the same reason why the album works when it works.
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