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Brady and Manning have chance to claim ‘best QB ever’ title | New York Post

For the past two decades or so, Joe Montana has been the fashionable choice as Greatest Quarterback of All Time, with opposition coming mostly from old-guard traditionalists who favor high tops and crew cuts and forever champion the cause of John Unitas. But here’s what I’m proposing now to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning: You want to be celebrated as The Greatest of All Time? Go win this historic New York-New Jersey Super Bowl. If Brady beats Manning and the Broncos in the AFC Championship Sunday in Denver, and then beats the Seahawks-49ers NFC Championship survivor in Super Bowl XLVIII, I will anoint him as the Greatest of All Time. And if Manning beats Brady and the Patriots in the AFC Championship, and then beats the Seahawks-49ers NFC Championship survivor in Super Bowl XLVIII, I will anoint him as the Greatest of All Time. Montana’s four Super Bowl rings and big-game excellence are beyond reproach, but allow me to explain why he is vulnerable to a coup d’état by Brady or Manning. Let’s start with Brady. If he winds up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy for the fourth time, that would tie him with Joe Cool. It would mark his sixth Super Bowl appearance — two more than Montana and five more than Dan Marino. Sure, he lost twice to Eli Manning and the Giants, but losing a Super Bowl (to Montana) certainly didn’t hurt Marino’s Hall of Fame prospects, and losing four Super Bowls without winning one certainly didn’t keep Jim Kelly from receiving a bust in Canton. Brady (18-7) already has the most wins in playoff history. Brady would be 20-7 if he wins it all. Montana was 16-7. Brady’s regular-season record is 148-43 (.775). Montana is at 117-47 (.713). Brady’s points per playoff game average is 25.48. Montana’s is 25.35. The rules, of course, favor the quarterback these days. But that argument in favor of Montana can be mitigated somewhat by the fact he got to throw to Jerry Rice and was coached by Bill Walsh. Prior to the arrivals of Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, Brady was throwing to the likes of Troy Brown, Deion Branch, David Patten and Jabar Gaffney. Joe Montana, here celebrating a touchdown in the 49ers’ Super Bowl XXIV rout of the Broncos, could lose his title as best quarterback ever, writes Steve Serby. Photo: AP. Now Manning. He is to the regular season what Montana has been to the postseason. So why would I vault him to Greatest of All Time if he wins these next two games when it would improve his playoff record to a modest 12-11, with two fewer Super Bowl championships than Montana? For starters, he started 227 consecutive games before his neck fusion surgeries sidelined him for the 2011 season. Durability counts. Being there for your teammates and for your franchise every Sunday, or Monday night, counts. A Super Bowl victory with the Broncos would make Manning the only quarterback to take two franchises to the top of the football world. And beating Brady to get to his second championship would help quiet the He Can’t Win The Big One crowd. Manning’s remarkable 55-touchdown season at age 37 after concern his neck problems could end his career means he has been better in the twilight with his second team than Montana was with his (Chiefs). Manning is arguably the smartest quarterback to ever play. He owns a computer brain. He has been a relentless throwing machine — 491 touchdowns in 8,452 attempts — often forced to carry Colts teams with mediocre defenses. Being able to throw to Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark in a dome helped, but having Bill Belichick scheming against him all these years did not. Ask Montana, who can vouch for the genius of the young Belichick, who plotted with Bill Parcells against him in the playoffs during the Giants’ Super Bowl XXI and XXV runs. Manning’s career passer rating: 97.2. Who’s better: Manning or Brady? I think Elway may be better than all of them. Not only for 2 Super Bowl wins but he got to the big game 3 times with very average broncos teams which was more impressive than the 2 wins. Think about it do you think Brady manning or Montana would’ve done the same with no running game an average defense and the marks brothers as there wrs? I really don’t think so cause they had no where near the elusiveness of elway as a runner. hey me, me…ok lets celebrate like the jets for going to the AFC Championship 4 years ago, lets sign our  big mouth coach to an extention, celebrate in the locker room like a bunch of cheerleaders because “he” took us to the “game”… hey meatball the “game” is the Superbowl, and you have to win it, Come on New York you’re better than that… and Willie, horrible logic…clearly Manning has had better weapons, clearly Manning has a better Arm…clearly Brady just wins, end of story!!! Since Spygate Bady is the WINNINGEST QB in the NFL. The Pats have gotten better. All the losers that bring it up (Spygate) fail to realize that SINCE THEN…..they have been good to enuff to go to TWO MORE FREAKING SUPER BOWLS! Get over it, the proof is in your face. They were never cheating. How do you get BETTER. Now they are 1 game from going to a THIRD SUPER BOWL. My God…… Whats amazing is SINCE “Spygate”, Brady’s winning % went from .720 to .800!!! He has not gone to ONE but TWO more Super Bowls while becoming the ONLY QB in NFL history to go 16-0.  Peter King did a study that shows that SINCE SPYGATE…..Brady and Belichick have INCREASED their winning % by 80 points, proving they never cheated in the first place.  Brady is clearly greatest ever. Winningest QB in NFL History. as Brady himself recently said in an interview and I’m para-phrasing—–“it’s pointless to ever compare QBs at anytime. each one played in their own system,in their own time and place and with their own teams.it’s the ultimate team sport and one can never determine who may have been better than whom”……… In my personal opinion,I just give it the eye test.I look for tight accurate spirals,a high IQ,leadership qualities,athleticism,consistency and toughness.Super Bowl rings should not ever be a determining factor,there’s too much luck involved in one game. If I were to choose one really good stat,it would be MVP votes and how many times the player was in the Top 5,Top 10,etc. that’s a pure sign of greatness and consistency. PLEASE!!! Take away the cheating years and what does Brady have?? He hasn’t been able to win a Superbowl since then! If Manning, a man of integrity unlike Brady, was surrounded by the same talent, his stats would be untouchable! None of Brady’s stats from the cheating years should even count, including his alleged Superbowl “wins”!!!!! I think the better question is how much more successful is peyton manning if he and tom brady swap places…manning with belichick & tom brady with tony dungy.  I think the records would be reversed…manning would probably win more super bowls.  That’s why the postseason records are misleading…you have to be in the right situation & system to succeed.  That’s why I give the edge to Peyton Manning. Brady is awesome and a first ballot HOFer easy, but he has Belichick; and remember, Matt Castle went 11-5 when Brady went down.  I’d say Montana and Unitas over Brady and Manning.  Serby’s list isn’t bad.  Elway and Staubach deserve the high marks.  I think Bradshaw, Favre and Aikman are a tad too high up.  I’ll take Fouts over Bradshaw any day. @ Robert Costa has Manning had all those HOFers on his teams? Montana has. Bradshaw has.has it ever occurred to you that Manning is so good,he’s been able to win with just above-average rosters only to lose in the playoffs to better teams? it’s just like the great ss in baseball with outstanding range that makes more errors than others because he gets to more balls.perception vs. reality. @ me me Children who only know how to reguritate “spygate” and “cheating” do nothing more than show their ignorance and stupidity, not to mention putting their jealousy on full display.  Its time to grow up child. @ me me look at TBs numbers since “spygate”- no he has not won a SB. He’s been to two. Going to another championship game; held the TD p
ass record until this year, has the best winning percentage, td to int ratio is incredible, has a team in the afc championship game without anywhere near the receivers manning has. Nuff ced. Manning was surrounded by talent his whole career. Marvin Harrison Reggie Wayne Joseph Addai, plus scores of other weapons. Smoke a ‘Blount” — Lagarette Blount that is, and chill. @spragga benz and yet,NONE of them ever took their team to 4 straight Super Bowls.but someone did. and he NEVER gets a mention when they talk about all-time greats.it’s amazing to me……… wide right. @ floydfan @ me me neither one has been surrounded by great talent,they’re just able to carry teams more so than other QBs. me me couldn’t be any more lost if he tried. Brady is KNOWN for putting up wins with depleted rosters and ever changing personnel. AND he’s spent his entire career playing in the great outdoors of the Northeast.
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