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CBI declared golf club murder weapon a year after crime: Talwars | The Indian Express

Related. The defence counsel in the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case on Tuesday rubbished the CBIs theory that accused Rajesh Talwar had struck Aarushi and Hemraj on the head with a golf club after finding the two in a compromising position. The defence counsel told special CBI judge Shyam Lal that the golf club wasnt declared a murder weapon till October 30,2009 and following that,it was declared a murder weapon. The Talwars counsel said that in the forensic test of the golf clubs,no biological fluid,DNA or blood was found. Apart from the post-mortem report of the two,there is no other evidence that the two were attacked with a golf club. Tanveer Ahmed Mir,counsel of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar,said the CFSL expert,Dr M S Dahiya,had said during his testimony that he hadnt physically seen the golf club before the case. According to Mir,Dahiya had based his argument of the golf club as a murder weapon on the basis of photographs and post-mortem reports. The defence argued that Rajesh and Nupur Talwar had handed over the 12 golf clubs and their bag to CBI Inspector Richpal Singh on October 30,2009. According to the seizure memo of these golf clubs and the bags,the two were separately sealed. The counsel argued that the set of golf clubs were tied with a cloth in such a way that their heads and handles remained exposed,which indicates mishandling on part of CBI with regard to the golf club. In August 2010,the driver of the family,Umesh,was called to the CBI office in Delhi for a test identification parade (TIP). Umesh was asked to identify the two golf clubs which he had put in a separate room on May 15,2008. But its humanly impossible to identify the golf clubs after such a long time, the defence counsel said. The defence counsel said the first mention of the golf clubs in the post-mortem report was made on October 30,2009. The post-mortem examination was conducted by Dr Sunil Dohre and Dr Naresh Raj.
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