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This refers to ‘Curtains on Saifai event as stars praise CM, Mulayam’ (IE, January 10). * This refers to Disarming Kashmir by Shekhar Gupta (IE,December 7). The writers contention that the army has a veto on matters of policy,which it has used on certain vital issues is both misleading and unfair. Whether it is the question of Siachen or AFSPA,it is the duty of the army to submit its honest assessment of the consequences of policy decisions. What else would you have it do? It is for the political masters to then take a decision which they feel is appropriate. Ashok Karnik. Mumbai. Tough questions. * The editorial Its own enemy (IE,December 10) is thought provoking. It should serve as a much-needed eye opener for the top brass of the Congress party. Its astonishing that Sheila Dikshit,a three-time chief minister who is perceived to be quite close to the Gandhi family,has blamed her own party for not providing enough support to her campaign. She would be better advised to take full responsibility for the Congresss embarrassing defeat in Delhi. The Congress high command has failed to properly understand the mood of the voters. Even now,Rahul Gandhis language makes us believe hes simply going to do more of the same. There is no real introspection. For instance,one of the many questions the Congress should be asking is: what does its defeat in Rajasthan mean for its rights-based approach to welfare? S.K. Gupta. Panchkula. Not just the middle. * AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal not only defeated Sheila Dikshit in the South Delhi assembly constituency,but his party is just behind the BJP in terms of the number of assembly seats it won. This is indeed a rare feat for a party that is just a year old. The people who have voted for the AAP cut across different sections of society. It doesnt just have the support of the middle class,as many analysts used to dismissively say about it. The AAPs espousal of decentralisation,and financial and political transparency is encouraging. Farzana Z. Khan. Nagpur. Third fiddle. * The BJP should not take itssuccess in the just concluded assembly elections for granted. Its leadership must not be fooled into believing its performance is a grand achievement or cause for jubilation. The partys ability to win when pitted against the regional parties of the countrys east,Northeast and south is unproven. Indeed,when the voters have a third choice as they did in Delhi a significant number may not vote for either the Congress or the BJP.
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