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Clinicians Complex launches 3G creams | The Indian Express

Summary. Related. Clinicians Complex,an all new American range of third generation anti-aging cosmetics developed by expert doctors is now available in India. They are suited for all skin types and show appreciable results instantly after application in most of the cases. So,if you are heading for a party and have only a few minutes for a younger look,just apply these third generation anti-aging cosmetics and youll be all set for that special appearance. These advanced cosmetic products work instantly on skin be it normal skin,dry skin,oily or acne-prone skin,or sensitive skin – these products will make you look younger before special occasions. This revolutionary range can be applied for skin rejuvenation,skin tightening,skin whitening,acne control,sun protection,wrinkle treatment,lip enhancement etc. For instance The Instant Tightening Serum utilizes superior bimodal polymer technology to instantly lift,tighten,and firm the skin. In addition to the instant results,long term rejuvenation is achieved by a biological messenger peptide specifically involved in repairing the elastin molecule. This works by stimulating elastin fibroblast to reshape the skin’s matrix also aiding in restoring the epidermal barrier of the skin to facilitate dermal turnover. As skin matures,the dermal matrix breaks down due to elastin fibers and collagen production becoming depleted. This remarkable bimodal polymer technology is engineered to achieve a hydrophobic and hydrophilic balance that delivers both cationic and anionic functions. These polymers provide a pleasant,natural feel without stiffness,flaking,or buildup. This powerful anti-aging complex promotes an instantly more youthful,radiant looking skin as the visibility of lines and wrinkles are greatly reduced.
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