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Funky motifs to dominate WIFW | The Indian Express

Young fashion designer Masaba Gupta,who opened WIFW for Satya Paul,premiered a very youthful and feminine collection of sarees,dresses and kaftaans. The collection was divided into four segments- first consisted of lipstick prints,the second part was ink blot on garments,the third section had abstract designs and the last part had telephone booth imprints. “We are trying to reposition the brand and so now we are aiming for the young girls instead of women above the age of 30,” said Masaba. “The lipstick symbolises femininity,the abstract stands for basic way of life of a woman,the telephone booth stands for constant wait and the ink drip for the various change in a woman’s life,” the 24-year-old designer said. Nida Mahmood,who is known for her dramatic creation ,used slightly unconventional motifs like motorized flying ant in her collection titled ‘The adventures of Capt Must Qalandar’. “Motifs always play an important part in my collection. My previous collection saw motifs from Bollywood like screaming Gabbar and Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Don’. This year,I created an imaginary creature a flying ant which is a reincarnation of a vintage bike,” she said. “The patterned prints of fern leaves,tree-lined horizon,the scattered roses,the surface of the bamboo all came together in unision in our Autumn-Winter collection,” the duo said. Chandrani Singh Flora,a Kolkata based designer,predicts funky motifs to be a major trend in the autumn/winter. Her collection was dominated by various zodiacs signs and the link we share with them. “The upcoming fall will witness funky prints. My collection dealt with astrological signs and the various effects they have on us. I used these motifs because I feel they are the ultimate governor of our fate,” the designer said. Designer Charu Parashar feels that prints will be in trend and also incorporated the intricate tile work of Egyptian tombs in her designs. “Motifs give you a fresh feeling. They make the dress attractive too. I have used these intricate art works on my garments to give them a traditional look,” she said. The other motifs which were dominant on the ramp were tribal and dark jungle prints.
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