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How the budget deal helps Obama | New York Post

The Senate yesterday followed the House of Representatives in approving a bipartisan budget deal that came about in a relative rush for Washington. The deal is very small beer in policy terms. Its passage is very big news in political terms. It’s small beer because it does very little except on the margins (save ensuring that the defense budget isn’t simply hacked at willy-nilly, as it would’ve been otherwise). It’s very big news because it completely alters the coming political dynamic in Washington for 2014. The conventional wisdom is that this change will benefit Republicans. Indeed, it may. Republicans who like the deal say that by taking the shutdown off the table the party’s politicians can devote the year to the ObamaCare disaster — highlighting its problems, working to pass legislation to overhaul it, running hearings on it, doing everything to maintain the national focus on it. This way they can win the Senate back in 2014 and lay the groundwork for a Republican victory in 2016 on a platform of repealing it and replacing it. Canny Republicans say the deal lifts the threat of any more government shutdowns. But for some in the party’s base, the kind of showdown melodrama typified by the government shutdown has become their favorite thing. These showdowns are fund-raising bonanzas for groups that claim to speak for the party’s grassroots. And they’re highly dramatic confrontations that occur almost for the sake of confrontation itself. Once the standoff is on, they view any effort to resolve it as a capitulation. They have some grounds for this view in recent history. In December 2010, with a New Year’s deadline looming, the president was forced to extend all the Bush tax cuts rather than cherry-picking the ones he wanted. That was humiliating for him and a triumph for conservatives. Then, in the summer of 2011, came the crisis over raising the debt ceiling (a different issue but one that also leads to a time-specific showdown). When President Obama proposed a series of draconian automatic cuts called a “sequester,” the GOP called his bluff by accepting the deal; the president had believed the Right would not, because the sequester hit so hard at the defense budget. For some on the Right, the sequester magically turned into the best policy move of the past 15 years — an effective budget freeze. The fact that it is indiscriminate and dangerous to the nation’s military readiness pales, in the view of sequester-lovers, to the simple fact that it seemed to tie Washington’s hands. Indeed, the sequester’s effect has been dramatic. Because federal government spending held the line while the economy grew, the budget deficit was cut in half — though the overall national debt continues to grow. Twice, then, Republicans got things they wanted out of these showdowns. But they got nothing out of the big one, the overall government shutdown in October, in part because the target was just too large: repealing ObamaCare. Nonetheless, those who supported the shutdown have talked themselves into believing they “won” something — namely, a new public focus on ObamaCare, which was already the focus of discussion in Washington and was already on its own becoming the most dramatic policy problem for an administration in living memory. So when you hear conservatives say they don’t like the budget deal, you have to understand they don’t want budget deals because they like these showdowns. The problem is, everybody else seems to hate them. Showdown politics seems risky and irresponsible, it threatens the country’s good name in the markets and abroad and it introduces a note of uncertainty into every economic move inside the United States. And this hurts everyone, as we know now — not just the Republicans but Obama and the Democrats as well. Obama’s inability to make a deal with the GOP loses him leadership points in the presidential game, and when he loses, the Democrats lose their standing as well. So this budget deal may help him, too, even as it hurts him. The last thing he and his party need in 2014 is more reason for the public to question his competency as a leader when he already finds himself in such a crisis due to the botched ObamaCare rollout. Even as he’s being beaten up next year over his legacy monstrosity, the president can always take a moment to look around and think: Could have been worse. What’s Your Take? Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance/doctor would be able to keep it.!!….A LIE.!!……CBS News reported a “60 Minutes” story by a former contractor at a British security company, who claimed to be at the scene of the Benghazi assault……A LIE!! …….””MOST TRANSPARENT”” administration ever……A LIE.!!!…….. I have Shovel ready jobs….A LIE.!!!…..The IRS is not targeting anyone…..A LIE.!!!……ObamaCare will be good for America….A LIE.!!! …Premiums will be lowered by $2500…A LIE.!!! … I did not say you could keep your health care. (Regardless that 29 recorded videos show I did)…A LIE ……..ObamaCare will not be offered to illegal immigrants….A LIE.!!!…ObamaCare will not be used to fund abortions….A LIE.!!!… ObamaCare will cost less than 1 Trillion Dollars…A LIE.!!!…No one making under $250,000 will see their taxes raised one dime…..A LIE.!!!….Benghazi was about a movie…A LIE.!!!……I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”…..A LIE.!!!!…..You didn’t build that….A LIE.!!!….I will restore trust in Government…A LIE.!!!……I am not after your guns….A LIE.!!!..I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody…..A LIE.!!!…..The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk…….A LIE.!!!!!…..It’s not my red line it is the worlds red line…..A LIE.!!!…..Whistle blowers will be protected….A LIE.!!!…..We got back Every Dime we Used to Rescue the Banks, with interest….A LIE.!!!… I will close Gitmo…..A LIE.!!!!……. I am not spying on American citizens….A LIE.!!!!!……I Barrack Hussain Obama pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America…..A LIE.!!!….. I am sorry you all are losing your healthcare…A LIE.!!!……I am not a dictator……. Obama Breaks Promise to Veterans to Support Ryan-Murray Budget Deal …A LIE!!!…REALLY.?????…. The simple truth that the media and the professional politicos are missing all over the place is amazing.  Yes, Republicans did not shut down Obamacare in October, BUT that was NEVER going to happen.  IN FACT, Republicans did not even try since all they asked for was a ONE YEAR DELAY.   What did happen was Obama and the Democrats in Congress were forced to very publicly declare their ownership.   Millions are loosing health insurance rather than millions gaining it.  It does not work and it is breaking the bank for most people.  Nor are the people who run corporate plans waiting.  Rather than take a chance on the bogus and illegal waivers the little messiah is issuing, most companies are going ahead and changing over to compliant plans.  The simple truth is they are using the waivers to simply not offer all the leftist demands under the insurance until they have to, leading to short term cost savings for them and higher profits for the insurance people.   Where the inside the belt way Republicans are totally blowing it is not pushing an ad campaign that says we tried to delay it for a year and Obama & Co. refused.  Now millions are worse off. The deep dark secret here is the economic hits from Obamacare are very sever.  Put it into perspective.  The average car buyer must take a loan that has payments of about $350 to $450 per month.  The reports are vague on actual results (are there any yet?), but analysts who understood insurance forecast that the vast majority of the middle class and up will see INCREASES of $500 to 700 per month in costs.   That does not include the hidden jumps in drugs and deductibles nor the fact that many will have to s
upport parents or unemployed children.   $700 per month represents  1 1/2 to 2 car loans.  My wife’s company is doing this and it will cost us $580 per month.  We are replacing the motor on a car with 196,000 miles rather than buy new because we no longer will have the cash.  How many millions of others fall into this trap?  Automotive is one of the few strong segments in the economy, but if you take that much cash out of the family budget, who is going to buy cars?  There is already reports that people are holding off on cars until they see the Obamacare costs.  If the automotive sector slows, it will ripple and the weak economy may slide before the election. IF Conservatives, Tea Party members, and the non-Washington Republicans keep hammering the message that they fought to at least delay Obamacare, who wins?  But Republicans have to fund the message between now and November. So basically you’re saying Republicans purposely damaged the country at home and abroad and now some of them want to pretend moderation in order to gain the Senate 2014. Then the right wing loons will take control of the party again. Mr. Podhoretz, aside from giving you media gasbags heart attacks, the sequester was hardly noticed out here in the real world.“Everybody seems to hate [sequesters]” because media people like you screamed on the tops of your lungs non-stop about it and made mountains out of mole hills. If this presidency is the most dangerously FAILED presidency in our nation’s history, explain to me how ANYTHING that disrupts or stops this man’s destructive policies – even for ONE minute – is a not a good thing. If you think this budget deal is something that “helps” Barack Obama, then it MUST be something that’s bad for America – it’s as simple as that.
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