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India grants US nationals a business visa for 10 years, Chinese for 6 months – The Economic Times

Share this Comment: Please answer this simple math question. United States issues 10 year Multiple Entry B1/B2 Visa to the Indian businessmen in large numbers. This information is missing in this news. China issues one year multiple entry visa to Indian businessmen with 60 days maximum limit of stay per visit. Chinese businessmen should be granted the same. As Chinese businesses and investments will become increasingly frequent due to their attractiveness, India will have to plan longer duration business visas for Chinese Nationals. For the same reason,duration of Business Visa for the Japanese Nationals should also be increased. I think economic time need to fire the one who wrote this article , i think he don’t any more creativity to write something new. Have you heard ever USA come to your leh and trying to occupy that.Its good that at least we are giving visa them doesn;t matter how long its last for. If US issues business visa for 10 years,good. Any restrictions may be negotiated, no reason to compare with China or others. Do not vitiate relations with others without full details by leaking such news. Thanks to Devyani, such issues are in the news. Apart from reciprocity, the undeniable fact is China fought a war with India and still contests land borders. China has been pursuing a “string of pearls” strategy with respect to India and has been wantonly inserting itself in our neighborhood. The US hasn’t been doing any of these. US gives 10 year multiple entry BV visa to indians. China gives 30 day single entry visa to Indian’s. There might be exceptions. We need to renew each time we enter China. So India is being more generous. The author needs to do more research. Something is wrong in your comment….I am traveling to China on business for the last 6 years…..the first visit & 2nd is 30 days, after third entry…..you get 6 months multiply entries and later 1 year multiply. You need to be business tracked rather than holiday maker……This is purely a visa requirement which needs to be addressed in the right direction. In today world it needs to be reciprocal as long as the business terms are right…….. China Economy is on par with US , if not more and developing faster whereas USA is stagnant economy or under perpetual recession , India Education system should give priority to Chinese language and start developing better business relation to develop economy of India , China is important Neighbor too , Anyway Chinese, Japanese Wisdom are identical as Indian Wisdom. we are getting huge business from USA (IT services mainly) and Japan has huge potential to outsource if we can fix language and cultural barriers.Can any one explain me how we benefit from china if we ease visa norms for them ? We actually loose out to China. Our manufacturing is already in extremely bad shape due to cheap Chinese imports. Whosoever I talk to in the trading community in Delhi, they have one or the other time imported or thought of importing goods from China. So where does it leave Indians. We should actually be more restrictive in China’s case. Why do you think people are importing Chinese products? The Chinese products that are being imported in most cases are more affordable and better than Indian products in finish and packaging. The Chinese small and medium factories are owned by common people, Indian factories are owned by the elites who will never agree without having a too fat margin. The business process in a Chinese company is much simpler than an Indian company. For that matter try meeting the CEO of an Indian company with even 100 crore per annum turnover, I think you will get an appointment next week but a Chinese CEO of the company having same size is not only readily available, he is willing to make on the spot decision to get the business. No body can stop Chinese unless they learn to do hard work like them. We need to have longer duration of Business Visas for their legitimate business visitors.Our business attitude, competitive pricing, innovativeness and new product development will get us more business, restriction on visa will not. There is nothing for USA to retaliate. USA is very strict on all aspects against India. They love Pakistan, Bangladesh and even China than India. Only Indians are thinking that USA supports India. Think about UN general secretary election in which Indian candidate was defeated by USA not by China. Mr Thambi – US may be strict but it is the only one with whom we have business. Chinese have destroyed our manufacturing and they play unfair by artificial pricing of their currency and opaque subsidy mechanism.
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