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Is Jerry Reese up to biggest challenge with Giants? | New York Post

Jerry Reese made it clear what he thought about the Giants 2013 season. “7-9 sucks,” he said Monday as players cleaned out their lockers at the team’s training facility following a 20-6 win over the Redskins on Sunday. At least the general manager is already on the same page as his coach and owner. Reese, Tom Coughlin and John Mara all expressed their disappointment with the Giants missing the playoffs for the fourth time in five years. But it’s Reese who is charged with making the necessary changes and upgrades needed to contend for another Super Bowl. This easily will be the most challenging offseason of his seven-year tenure as the general manager as he faces a lengthy list of decisions that will need to be right for the Giants to be winners again. The first task is to evaluate the performances of his coaching staff and players. He said he “absolutely” wants Coughlin to return as the head coach, but stopped short of endorsing the return of the entire staff. “Until we talk to the head coach about those things it’s inappropriate to talk about that right now,” Reese said. In addition, the general manager must address the 23 unrestricted free agents on his roster, including players such as defensive end Justin Tuck, defensive tackle Linval Joseph and running back Andre Brown. Reese also must identity free agents from other teams the Giants might want to pursue. Then there’s the upcoming draft, which the Giants need to be a success to address areas like the offensive line, running back and cornerback. That’s the hard part. Reese had the magic touch early in his tenure, especially in 2007 when nearly all of his draft picks played a role in winning the Super Bowl. But the Giants haven’t been getting the same type of production from their middle- to late-round selections in recent years. Other than first-round pick Justin Pugh, who started all 16 games at tackle, the Giants didn’t get a lot out of their 2013 selections, and the 2012 draft hasn’t produced much with first-round pick David Wilson proving fumble- and injury-prone, and second choice Rueben Randle developing slowly at wide receiver. Marvin Austin, a defensive tackle taken in the second round in 2011 is long gone, while fourth-round pick, James Brewer was unimpressive during his play at offensive guard this year when injuries forced him into the lineup. If you go by the theory it takes three years to properly evaluate a draft, 2010 was not a winner. Jason Pierre-Paul and Joseph, the top two picks, are potential stars, but none of the next five picks are on the team. That is why the Giants have no depth. “I don’t think anything’s wrong with our system and how we draft players,” Reese said. “But obviously we’ll evaluate that as well.” Reese has two Super Bowl championships on his resume offering the kind of security that allowed him to take some risks drafting players that needed development. Players such as Pierre-Paul and offensive tackle Will Beatty were drafted without a deep football background. But that might have to change. With the need for players to step in and be competitive right away, an NFL source said the Giants and other NFL teams may have to start drafting players primarily from the power conferences like the SEC, the Big Ten and ACC. “They’ve already played in big games,” the source said. Mara all but put Reese on notice when he said, “Personnel-wise, I think we obviously overvalued certain people. I think we have not gotten the production that we wanted out of certain draft slots.” Yet Reese said he has total confidence his personnel department can find the right players to upgrade the talent. “We have good personnel people in our building and we’ve done it well enough to win a couple of Super Bowls,” he said. True. But the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league. And the Giants haven’t done much at all. The running backs are fine, but they need blocks. The Giants need a new and strong O line. And they can afford it by getting rid of epileptic Eli. I think we’re tired of his inability to read the field. He has an awesome deep ball, but that’s all he’s got. Anything under 40 yards gets thrown to the wrong team. And he should take the old man with him, he’s too soft anymore. It was a good run…c’ya. And do whatever is needed to keep the D right where it is. Plus a corner or two. While I’ll give Jerry that nobody could have seen the things that happened to guys like Steve Smith, Kenny Phillips, JPP,Terrel Thomas all good selections who got hurt and haven’t been the same or are done with their careers already. I’ve said for years now that the draft day philosophy is flawed, due to ignoring linebackers, my point was validated when they added Beason and the defense got better instantly.Jerry has had a lot of misses in the later rounds and I’d imagine that not very team has had the success that Seattle has had in the later rounds. 8 of their 11 starters on defense against us were 4th round and beyond selections.I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what other teams do, so maybe they have been equally lousy in the later rounds?Jerry has added some nice free agent pick ups as well as some free agent busts. I know around the league Jerry is highly regarded, so come on Jerry work some magic. Free agent spending may not be a big option this off season, but if we could take a serious run at Alex Mack(center) and or Moreno at running back it would open up the draft for Offensive tackle, and move Beatty to guard, I’d say Pugh to guard but why move the kid after playing so well where he was.Then take your pick, another o linemen, CB, LB, WR.lots of holes to fill Jerry, nobody can really expect you to fill them all this year. The game is a receiver league now, that’s why you need pass blockers and great receivers—go get Josh Gordon, dump Nicks please. This guy tanks it in a walk year, don’t even think about bringing him back. Watching Nicks is like watching Cano run to first on a ground out—LAZY!!! JPP is another one who is a one year wonder, another stiff in a long line of stiffs. LT #56 had the heart of a lion, these guys are just happy to take the Mara’s money, dumping them would be the best move the Giants could make. JPP never reaches his potential, mark it down!!! Manning needs to be in a system that makes quick reads and short drops. He isn’t mobile enough to take a deep drop and stay in the pocket. He’s pretty much shell shocked back there now, he could be ruined. I’ve never seen a QB who got hit before he got hit, this guy falls and twists with the best of them. No wonder his streak of games played is intact. Yea, I’m bitter!!! Because Eli-te teased us in ’11 when he had a really good if not great year. I’m thinking this guy figured it out and we have him for the next five to seven. He made great decisions with the ball that year, WHAT HAPPENED? How could he fall so far, so fast? STOP with the 2 SuperBowl comments. The game changes rapidly and you’re getting left behind. One game against the Seahawks in a playoff scenerio Jerry and your team gets beaten by 50 points.You never give a straight answer to anybody and you hid from the media for 7 weeks this year. You alweays think your evaluation and selection of players can compete for the title. WRONG!..You put 2nd-3rd string linebackers on the field Jerry until you traded for a former all pro who has 2 knees made of fiberglass…you got lucky on that one and I hope he comes back. You sent this team to San Diego with 1.5 healthy corners while 3 other teams signed veteran replacements that same weekand, expected McBride who wouldn’t start on any teams to cover Gates.You have kept Kuhn and Robinson on this roster for God only knows how long and paid them for doing close to nothing except rehab. You keep Matt Dodge on the roster and pay him for doing absoltely nothing. You keep thinking that David Wilson is a solid talented running back..He isn’t Jerry..he is a “runner” there is a heck of a difference. Just look at Louis Murphy who you signed this year. You sign Beatty who got beaten time after time this year. You just paid this guy 28 million for a g
uy who might not even be a starter on 90% of any teams in the league. You always say ..”this is a crap shoot…you win some you lose some”.. .Really Jerry? Please explain to me how the Patriots are in the playoff hunt and even the SuperBowl hunt every year whether they have numerous starters fall or not?…every year no matter what. I would love to hear his explanation for that one. Start with the O line …need..C…G..and T…running back….TE…on D ..strong side Lb…CB…S…speed on D ..got to be able to stop ..Seattle …49ers…speed and more speed…the east sucks …with these moves the giants can b right there with Philly ..next year and beyond. @ Steve the ax safety is one spot I think we are AOK.Rolle , top notch, Hill a rising star, Mundy very good hitter, and if we can bring back Brown at the right price, we’re good . I gotta laugh, because you are correct with everything else, but say with these picks we can be right back in the race. Laughing because look at all the pieces we need. wow. @ Steve the ax Excellent remarks from all you guys. Reese got lucky for sure with those superbowls. If those recievers drop two passes then zippo superbowls. Manningham and Tyree were our saviors those two wins. Other than that,Reese has done nothing to build a team with good depth,fails to evaluate top talent.Reese needs to go and take Fewell with ya.
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