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Jets announce they’re keeping Rex Ryan after jubilant win | New York Post

The Jets announced they are bringing head coach Rex Ryan back for at least one more season after Sunday’s 20-7 victory over the Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium — and the Jets players celebrated. Owner Woody Johnson told the team in the victorious locker room Ryan would return. The players began jumping around and surrounded Ryan, giving him hugs that knocked his hat off. “You’d think we won the Super Bowl,” quarterback Geno Smith said. Johnson and general manager John Idzik informed Ryan he would return before the Jets took the field for pregame warm-ups. Ryan has one year remaining on his contract. No one would disclose whether he has been given an extension beyond next year, but that is expected. “We’re clearly on the ascent,” Johnson told reporters. “A lot of it is due to our coach, coach Rex Ryan. We’re going to keep Rex Ryan and he’ll be our coach next year.” Questions have surrounded Ryan’s future since the end of last season when Johnson fired GM Mike Tannenbaum but retained Ryan. Idzik was hired weeks later and there was speculation Idzik may want to hire his own coach. But the Jets went into 2013 with low expectations and made it to 8-8 with Sunday’s victory, a win total no one expected with a roster of limited talent. Speculation intensified in recent weeks about Ryan’s job status when the Jets were eliminated from playoff contention. They have missed the playoffs for three straight seasons after going to back-to-back AFC title games in Ryan’s first two seasons. All of that speculation ended Sunday with Johnson’s announcement. Players described Ryan as extremely emotional. He had trouble speaking he was so overcome. “I love being the head coach of the New York Jets, plain and simple,” Ryan told reporters. “You put everything you’ve got into it. I never wanted to go out this way, another losing season or something like that. I know we never went to the playoffs three straight years and that bothers me, no question.” Johnson and Idzik would not say exactly when they reached their decision, but Johnson said it was before these final two games, the first two consecutive wins the Jets have had this season. There are also questions about what Ryan’s coaching staff will look like with the contracts up of many of the assistant coaches. “He’s been tremendous to work for — to work with,” Idzik said. “He’s a leader. He’s a motivator. He’s a teacher. He’s a heck of a coach. He’s a great guy to work with. I’ve always made the assumption that we’re working together with this thing to formulate a winning team.” The Jets put together another strong performance for Ryan on Sunday and knocked the Dolphins out of the playoff chase. The Jets seized control of the game midway through the second quarter and never surrendered it. Smith played one of his best games of the season and his second straight without a turnover. Smith went 17-for-27 for 190 yards and ran for a touchdown just before halftime to put the Jets up 14-7. The defense shut the Dolphins down and intercepted quarterback Ryan Tannehill three times. The Jets have played their best football in the final three weeks of the season. It left them thinking about what might have been if they didn’t stumble during a three-game losing streak in mid-November to early December. “If we had five more games, it would be interesting, man,” Calvin Pace said. “That being said, you win the last game and hopefully there’s some carryover into the offseason. Hopefully that goes into the preseason and you just keep moving forward. The sky’s the limit for this team.” Before the game, the players said they wanted to win the game for Ryan. “As a team we came together and said listen the time for talk is over,” wide receiver David Nelson said. “We can sit here and tell the media and the fans about how much we want him, but really the most powerful way to keep him is to play and to prove that on the field.” They did that Sunday and their wish was granted — the Rex Ryan era ain’t over yet. Did the Jets exceed your expectations at 8-8? This JETS team absolutely maxed their talent. New backfield…rookie QB….turned over secondary. . .no name receivers…anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Ryan was the key in making it happen…Strip all the JET haters of their BS and underneath you’ll find they wish they had him leading their team. Great job Ryan…great decision Idzik/ Johnson. love reading the Jet fans reasoning/excuse making. Win something then you can talk- but seriously going after Brady and Brees and comparing Geno with them? … let him develop, win one and then you can say he’s on his way. go 8-8 in a weak AFC and win useless games does not make him on par with living legends…it does speak to overexposure. Watching the Miami game was a treat… You saw a motivated, eager, hungry New York Jets team that has a new Franchise quarterback in the making. Every stop they “had” to make on defense they made. They made critical interceptions that changed the game. They BLANKED Miami and left them guessing for 30 Minutes.  Mid-way through the season a Jets fan told me “Geno is not the answer”. My only question “Name the last Quarterback to defeat both Brees and Brady in the regular season… He’s that good. Calm, upbeat – even when things don’t go his way. I’d take Geno Smith any day over Andrew Luck or Tannehill. Give Geno some star receivers and running backs – watch how he manages the offense next season… Congratulations Rex! You’ve earned and deserve the right to continue to lead the Jets. Kudos also to John Idzik, who has had a solid first year as GM. Marty M. and David Lee give every indication that they are the right men to lead the offense and develop whatever talent is brought onboard as the team moves forward. After the teams two year descent into darkness there is, at last, reason for optimism going into 2014. Finally, yes, the Jets have exceeded mine and everyone elses expectations this year, at 8-8. As much as Ryan was a blowhard, there is no doubt that he has an ability to coach a team. With his back against the wall, this was coach of the year work. Geno made Sanchez look great, Milliner was having a terrible time adjusting — all Idzik’s guys. Somehow Ryan created a great defensive core and a passable offense. This team was not expected to win more than 4 games. You can tell that Idzik is not happy and wishes he could boot out Ryan this year. It’s going to be awkward again come next year. Perhaps they will negotiate a buyout because Idzik is going nowhere. While they just missed the playoffs, this was a great ride for any football fan (except the Dolphins.) Talk about a blowhard! Your backhand compliments are as off the mark as your misreading of the relationship between Rex and John Idzik. Then, in a bid to prove just how clueless you are, you dismiss the fine job Idzik did in his first year with an excellent draft and successful trade to aquire Chris Ivory. But you are the laughing stock of todays comments section so you do have that going for you. As I ruffle through the pages of my memory it takes me to Cleveland. How’d BB make out with similar talent in his 5th year of his first HC job?  I don’t think he set the world on fire in the mistake by the lake. But lets click on Wikipedia just to make sure. What’s this? …He didn’t have similar talent at QB.  His QB for last 3 of those5  years  was Vinny Testaverde ? … Job performance was so underwhelming  he  lost 10 of his last 12 and was fired???? From 1991 until 1995, Belichick was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. During his tenure in Cleveland he compiled a 36–44 record, leading the team to the playoffs in 1994, his only winning year with the team. Coincidentally, his one playoff victory during his Browns tenure was achieved against the Patriots in the wild card round during this postseason. In Belichick’s last season in Cleveland the Browns finished 5–11, despite starting 3-1. In November of that year in the middle of the ongoing football season, Browns owner Art Modell had announced he would move his franchise to Baltimore after the season. Af
ter first being given assurances that he would coach the transplanted Baltimore Ravens, Belichick instead was fired on February 15, 1996—one week after the shift was officially announced.
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