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Le Voyage D’Hermes launched in Delhi | The Indian Express

Le Voyage D’Hermes launched in Delhi. Summary. Related. Hermes launched its new perfume of the house ‘Le Voyage DHermes’ in Delhi. The story of Hermès is a voyage! Since its early beginnings,Hermès has been moving forward,exploring,crossing frontiers and breaking away,by every means and in every way. It all starts with a mans footstep. It is on foot that Thierry Hermès came to Paris in 1837,and founded his harness and saddle-making workshop. He was meticulous and honest. Voyages? He wanted to make them run smoothly. It all proceeds with a trotting horse. The Hermès workshops served their first customers mans most noble conquest and equipped horses from the most humble to the most refined driving teams. Voyages? He wanted to make them beautiful. It all carries on at the gallop with a few strokes of genius. Émile Hermès,Thierrys grandson,headed off to Russia by train,and to North America by boat. He came back with a zip fastener,ideas for bags,clothes,luggage items enough to contribute,with shrewd and subtle details,to the dawn of the age of the automobile. In his office,which served as a repository for curiosities,he collected ingenious objects. Voyages? He wanted to make them practical. And now? Hermès never stops inventing and refining: the Orion suitcase,bicycles,the Hélicoptère and why not a boat for enjoying life on the water? Not to mention the motionless inner journey,the one granted to each of us. The journey of the mind,the one that truly broadens our ideas and makes us curious. And so,because fragrance leaves a lasting impression as every departure leaves its wake,a perfume is born. It is called Voyage dHermès.
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