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Letters to Editor | Section | The Indian Express | Page 2

This refers to the editorial Not all or nothing (IE,November 14). It makes a lot of sense for young people to be trained in basic medicine by means of short duration courses. It is well known that rural India is facing a huge shortage of doctors. This is because,compared to its population,India trains very few […] IT WAS a pleasure to read Misreading the court by Menaka Guruswamy (IE,November 13). Officers at every level would have welcomed the SC directive that oral orders of superiors must be confirmed in writing. Anyone who has worked in government or in public sector organisations knows,only too well,how power is invariably misused by issuing verbal […] THIS refers to the prime ministers address at the conference organised by the CBI. At a time when the investigating agency seems keen to emerge from the Centres shadow,the PMs advice that the CBI should be more careful while investigating policy matters is not likely to make much of an impression on the caged parrot. […] IT IS ironic that the day on which Conscience and cowardice by Shekhar Gupta (IE,November 9) appeared in print,news had already started to trickle in that the PM was,in fact,going to cancel his trip to Sri Lanka to attend the CHOGM. The ruling political establishment prevailed,and the lack of statesmanship in the Congresss ranks was […] Buck stops here This refers to CBIs coal dilemma: Is PM competent authority or the minister-in charge? (IE,October 18). Unfortunately for the CBI,nobody is fooled as to who the competent authority it refers to is. The PM is the one who finally approved and signed the coal block allocation,based on the recommendation of the then […]
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