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Letters to the editor: A new norm | The Indian Express

This refers to ‘Curtains on Saifai event as stars praise CM, Mulayam’ (IE, January 10). * This refers to People living in relief camps not riot victims: Mulayam Singh Yadav (IE,December 24). The political games being played around the Muzaffarnagar riots are unfortunate. Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadavs assertion,that those living in relief camps are actually agents of the Congress and BJP and not riot victims,is shocking. Coming from a political veteran of his standing and a possible future prime minister,the comment smacks of arrogance and insensitivity. If the biting cold and the deaths of children living in relief camps cannot move the UP government to do something and behave sensibly,then one wonders what can. Rahul Gandhis token visit wont help matters either. Nor can one look towards the BJP,which felicitated two of its MLAs who were accused of instigating the riots. When insensitivity and opportunism are the norm in almost every political party,its only natural that people are waiting with bated breath to see how the AAP will be any different. Ganapathi Bhat. Akola. Unbearable waste. * This refers to Unfinished business by Chakshu Roy (IE,December 25). It is very sad that 123 bills are pending in Parliament,out of which 72 currently stand to lapse at the end of the Lok Sabhas term. Every bill is very important. Parliament must be prevailed upon to work more and be more effective. The amount of time wasted in disruptions is unbearable. Chetan Anand M. New Delhi. Aam aadmi no more. * Arvind Kejriwal’s reported refusal to accept security and his rejection of the CMs official residence might invite applause from a certain section of society. But people would be wise to be sceptical of his rhetoric. Of course,there is an urgent need to do away with the pompous VIP culture. But the CMs personal security is not dispensable. If an untoward incident were to occur,it would be termed as a failure of the law enforcement agencies. Instead of refusing his entitlements,and the other essential precautions necessary for a CM,it would be better if Kejriwal accepted them and set an example for using them reasonably. Hemant Kumar. Ambala. Love thy neighbour. * The editorial A wider dialogue (IE,December 25) is timely. It goes without saying that despite Manmohan Singhs sincere and sustained efforts to maintain peace with Pakistan,the Pakistan army has constantly violated the ceasefire in a bid to encourage terrorists and provoke India. The ball is now in Nawaz Sharifs court. He must honour his commitment to normalise ties with India.
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