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It’s really tragic that yet another train has caught fire so soon after the Bangalore-Nanded Express burst. Open for business This refers to ‘Posco, biggest FDI, gets green flag after 8 long years’ (IE, January 10). It was heartening to wake up to the good front-page news that Posco has finally been given permission to set up a steel plant in Odisha and invest $12.6 billion in the country. Finally, the Central government has sent a message to the international investment community that India is open for business. We are ready to welcome big-ticket FDI. This episode shows what political will and a decisive leadership can achieve. Veerappa Moily deserves special praise for getting things moving. In blowing the dust off the Posco file — much to the relief of industry — the new environment minister has acted fast and purposefully. — Krishan Kalra Delhi. The priority This refers to ‘Curtains on Saifai event as stars praise CM, Mulayam’ (IE, January 10). The Muzaffarnagar riot-victims have been evicted from the relief camps where they were living in pitiable, sub-human conditions. Several children have died because of the cold. The government did not have the administrative acumen to ensure their well-being. Yet, the CM was able to muster the manpower, money and energy to organise the two-week-long Saifai Mahotsav. The government was also able to organise a foreign “study tour” for public officials. The SP has abused the trust that was reposed in them by the people when they were elected to govern. The Aam Aadmi Party is getting more and more support because of the people’s anger towards such insensitive monarchical leaders. — M.C. Joshi Lucknow. Pace yourself This refers to ‘Trap and Punish’ (IE, January 10). The short-term, quick-fix solution to corruption mooted by the AAP, which calls for harassed people to conduct sting operations, is unethical. The existing political establishment wants the AAP to trip up and take such immature decisions, so that people refrain from voting for a new player next time. People want sustainable solutions to corruption. The AAP’s solution will not be able to weed out systemic corruption. The AAP needs to pace itself and not feel pressurised by the people’s high expectations. — Amit Verma Pune. Ringing true This refers to ‘Delhi Multiversity’ by Ipsita Chakravarty (IE, January 10). I like the article because I could sense and feel the truth that it conveyed. Truth is a very strong instrument of communication.This is another reason why the AAP has been so successful. I just hope that it doesn’t take the slogan “DU for Delhi-tes” too seriously. The multilingual atmosphere of DU’s campus must be maintained. — Sunit Vadehra Delhi.
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