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Letters to the editor: Voting power | The Indian Express

This refers to ‘Curtains on Saifai event as stars praise CM, Mulayam’ (IE, January 10). ALL four states that have gone into polls over the last month have witnessed record voter turnouts (Rajasthan too hits all-time high,IE,December 2). This does not come as a surprise,as the Indian youth now understands the importance of its vote. Thanks to the media,they are well-informed about the impact that a government has on their lives. They seem to realise that criticism in words needs to be replaced by criticism in votes. So they make their presence felt. This is heartening. Anup Sharma. Ahmedabad. An old question. ADDRESSING a rally in Jammu and Kashmir,the BJPs prime ministerial candidate,Narendra Modi,is reported to have sought a debate on Article 370,which grants special status to J&K (J&K: BJP shifts stand,Modi calls for debate on Article 370,IE,December 2). In the decades since it was put in place,the lot of the people of J&K has not changed. Unemployment and poverty persist. The Centre has limited powers to enforce any law in that state. A debate on this matter would be appreciated. N. R. Ramachandran. Chennai. Good development. HIS refers to the editorial Rashtrapatis message (IE,December 2). The only way to erase discontent among the people of Northeastern states is through development. Special packages will not help unless there is more sustained economic and political development. People from these states who have travelled to other parts of the country must have had firsthand experience of such development. Kudos to our president for taking an active interest in this matter. It will,no doubt,boost the confidence of the people in that region. R.K. Nathan Iyer. Mumbai. Tokyo calling. THE visit of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko augurs well for both India and Japan. In 1998,the emperor had cancelled his visit to India after the nuclear tests in Pokhran. Since then,Indias nuclear non-proliferation track record has been impeccable. Japan has emerged as one of Indias most important development partners,having supported several infrastructure projects. Trade between the two countries has also grown but the India-Japan bilateral relationship still functions well below its full potential. Devendra Khurana. Bhopal. Speak out. THIS refers to Because she breaks the mould by Ravinder Kaur (IE,December 2). Although many cases of sexual violence against women have come to the fore in recent times,the fact remains that the number of cases which see the light of day is still too low. Most assaults are still hushed up and women often tend to suffer in silence,afraid they might have to face a lifetime of stigma. Unless this attitude changes and society takes a different view of women who have been sexually assaulted,many predators will go scot free.
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