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Moral high horse | The Indian Express

This refers to ‘Curtains on Saifai event as stars praise CM, Mulayam’ (IE, January 10). * This refers to Accused of sexual assault by staffer,Tehelka founder steps down for six months (IE,November 21). That Tarun Tejpal feels behaving inappropriately with one of his staffers on not one but two occasions can be atoned for by stepping down from his position for six months is ridiculous. I wonder how anyone can take Tehelka seriously anymore. How can the publication ride on its moral high horse on issues of womens safety and rights when it has been unable to dispense justice or even conduct an internal inquiry? That the journalist,who was allegedly assaulted,wrote to her managing editor is to her credit. She is a truly courageous woman. The response of the managing editor has also been less than satisfactory. C.V. Aravind. Bangalore. Implement acts. * Apropos the recent spate of allegations of sexual harassment levelled against prominent persons in powerful positions,I wonder why the law enacted earlier this year to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace has not been notified yet. Although it has been more than six months since the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace ( Prevention,Prohibition and Redressal) Act,2013,received the assent of the president of India,the date when it comes into force is yet to be declared by the Centre. The rules under Section 29 of the act have not yet been framed. As a result,the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court more than 16 years ago in the Vishaka judgment govern the process of the redressal of such incidents at the workplace. The passing of a law by Parliament is only the first step. The government needs to wake up and work towards implementing all its worthy legislations. Hemant Kumar. Ambala. Spying to protect. * Narendra Modi deserves at least one chance to become prime minister purely because of his Gujarat model. One thing is certain: once Modi becomes PM and implements his model across the country,women and girls everywhere will feel extra safe. Fathers across the country will breathe easy. Nowhere else in the world would the head of government personally oversee the protection of the countrys women by deploying the might of the states machinery to spy on them. Abdul Monim. Vashi. Security on paper. * The Karnataka governments ultimatum to all commercial banks to beef up security and provide armed guards at ATMs is just what the doctor ordered. But the deadline might be too tight for the banks to provide good quality security. After all,the point of this exercise is not just to have security on paper.
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