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MSU students set to make world’s biggest paper bag | The Indian Express

Related. The students of M S University’s faculty of technology and engineering kicked off their “Say no to Plastic” campaign on January 12. In an effort to make the world’s biggest paper bag, measuring around 16m x 11m x 3m, about 95 engineering students rolled out close to 200 kg paper rolls on Sunday. If successful, the students will break the existing Guinness record held by Romanian supermarket chain Kaufland for having created the biggest shopping bag, measuring 4.18 m (13 ft 8 in) wide, 6.62 m (21 ft 8 in) high and 1.79 (deep) from recycled paper. This initiative comes under the Social Responsibility segment of their upcoming College festival Footprints 2014. Students say the idea to attempt to create a world record came about when they brainstormed for concepts to promote the idea of going plastic-free. Dhrumil Shah, a student of the department, who is part of the team of students attempting the world record, said, “We are trying to spread awareness about the use of recycled paper instead of plastic. Last year, we had given paper-bag kits at Footprints instead of plastic. Our students will form groups to ensure their portion of the bag is intact.” The students will send across a continuous video recording of their attempt along with certificates from three structural engineers to the authority, as per the mandatory requirements of the Guinness Records as well as the Limca Book of World Records. Students say that the large paper bag will be used to create smaller paper bags for distribution after the feat is achieved. The students were encouraged by city Mayor Bharat Shah, who also visited the faculty to watch the students attempt the world record.
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