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This refers to ‘Curtains on Saifai event as stars praise CM, Mulayam’ (IE, January 10). * This refers to Many a slip by Suhas Palshikar (IE,December 13). The euphoria in the BJP over the so-called Modi wave in the recent assembly elections might abate by the time of the Lok Sabha polls in 2014. If at all there was a Modi wave,it was in Rajasthan. But there too,it could have been an anti-incumbency vote that swept the Congress away rather than a pro-Modi one. In MP,much of the credit should go to Shivraj Singh Chouhan,a simple,honest politician,who during his two terms in office endeared himself to the people. At the national level,the BJP will find it difficult to win allies because few parties would want to team up with a BJP that has Narendra Modi at the head. The debut of the Aam Aadmi Party as a viable alternative should give both the Congress and the BJP sleepless nights. The AAPs main planks integrity and honesty should enable it to woo voters in a. big way. C.V. Aravind. Bangalore. * The BJPs victories in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are basically endorsements of their respective chief ministers and not of Narendra Modi. What Rajasthan witnessed,on the other hand,was a rejection of the Congress. The results in Delhi clearly demonstrate that the peoples discontent with the Congress doesnt necessarily mean a windfall for the BJP. Regional forces are likely to have a major impact on the Lok Sabha elections and the BJP,despite all the euphoria,may not be able to reap the benefits of the anti-Congress wave that is sweeping the nation. Kiran Yadav. Etah. Immoral judgment. * Morality is relative and not absolute. What is considered moral by one,such as polytheism,may be considered immoral by another. Some people may consider homosexuality immoral. They are free to do so and their sentiments must be respected. But this is no reason to make homosexuality a crime. What consenting adults do in private is no concern of the state. The recent decision of the court to criminalise gay sex is a blot on our otherwise tolerant society. Vikas Dangwal. Faridabad. Lost decade. * Apropos One problem is The Dynasty by Ashutosh Varshney (IE ,December 12),the writer is correct in saying the Congress has gone too far in the name of protecting low income groups from the vagaries of the market. The UPA has wasted Indias high-growth years by spending on populist programmes in the name of inclusive growth. This has only fuelled inflation.
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