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On the anvil at NUJS: Comprehensive sexual harassment policy | The Indian Express

Related. After drafting a sexual harassment guideline for its interns, the National University of Juridical Science (NUJS), Kolkata, has now taken a step forward to draft a Comprehensive Sexual Harassment Policy, which will bring everyone related to the university – students, faculty members, and the non-teaching staff – into its ambit. The policy will take a proper shape in a month’s time, soon after the executive council meeting expected to be held on January 18, informed a senior faculty. “We have already drafted the prevention of sexual harassment guidelines to be adhered to during the internship. But we are mandated to have a policy. And so we have agreed in principle to bring this new policy, modeled on the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act and Rules, 2013, which was notified by the Ministry of Women and Child Development last month. A major component of this comprehensive policy – internal complaints committee – is already in place. It will apply to the teaching and non-teaching staff of the university and the students as well,” said Ruchira Goswami, a senior faculty member and a spokesperson for the NUJS. The draft of the ‘prevention of sexual harassment guidelines during the internship’ is expected to be finalized in ten days. A meeting between the vice-chancellor and all the faculty members in this regard will be held tomorrow, an official informed. “There will be a debate on the draft during the executive council meeting, which will finalise and ratify the policy, following which it will be in the public domain,” added Goswami. Meanwhile, the faculty staff is busy drafting the comprehensive policy, the components of which may get changed following the slated discussions, it is learnt.
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