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Raman Singh versus his No. 2,snappier than ever | The Indian Express

This refers to ‘Curtains on Saifai event as stars praise CM, Mulayam’ (IE, January 10). The rivalry between the two most powerful men in the Chhattisgarh BJP has become more intense,even comical,in the new government. Before the election,powerful minister Brijmohan Agarwal had publicly termed Chief Minister Raman Singhs top bureaucrats corrupt and demanded their removal. He had also gone into a huddle with other ministers,telling them Singh was ineffective in reining in his babus and a change in guard might be appropriate. The CM kept silent then,but has now clipped the wings of his number two in the cabinet. Raman Singh first snatched the most lucrative PWD portfolio from Agarwal and handed it to his closest aide,Rajesh Munat. He then put up huge hoardings,thanking citizens for the vote,across the city that carried his photographs with those of national leaders. Agarwal,whose pictures were absent,countered this with even larger billboards. Here,Raman Singh got literally a passport-size presence in corners. During the ceremony in which ministers took oath,Agarwal marked himself out by doing so in Chhattisgarhi,a reminder that he belongs to the state. It was a reminder also about Raman Singh who,Agarwals supporters quietly suggest,is an outsider. The move of playing to the gallery might invalidate his oath,however,should anyone move court. The Constitution allows the oath only in languages listed under Schedule VIII,and Chhattisgarhi is not one of them. Agarwal has now made his boldest move yet,seeking to upstage Raman Singh on his biggest claim to fame that of a hat-trick. Last week,he held a huge rally across Raipur and termed it shakti pradarshan for a double hat-trick. To undermine Raman Singhs performance,Agarwal showcased his six consecutive victories in assembly elections,the only leader in Chhattisgarh to have achieved that. He took a recent swipe at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi,too. He stopped at a roadside tea-stall,drank tea with the vendor and called it the Modi effect. His is the lone,audacious voice against Singh and his bureaucrats,who are in control of everything in the state. That a minister has been able to consistently assert himself against a third-term star chief minister,who enjoys the goodwill of national leaders,speaks a lot about both leaders. In the BJP,across the country,this would probably rank among the biggest tussles. In Chhattisgarh,their anticipated moves are the constant subject of political addas.
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