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Reason why Dia Mirza postponed her wedding | The Indian Express

Related. Dia Mirza’s marriage with filmmaker Sahil Sangha was postponed in December even after the invitations were sent off. There were reports about differences between the couple, however Dia Mirza said that there are health issues in Sahil Sangha’s family that has led to the delay. Sahil Sangha also added: “We had to postpone the wedding because my uncle is not well. Once his health is under control, our families will work out a new date. A close friend of Dia Mirza also said: “Dia and Sahil are for keeps. As far as they are concerned, they are already wedded in their hearts and minds. The formal ceremony is being sorted out as there are two families involved.” Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha are not just soulmates they’re also joint partners in a production company which is currently producing ‘Bobby Jasoos’ with Vidya Balan in the lead. While so far the pretty actress has remained tight lipped over the suspension of the marital vows she finally broke her silence saying, “We will take a call on the wedding date once we complete the principal photography of Bobby Jasoos at the end of January.” When asked if it’s possible for a real-life couple to collaborate on professional interests, Dia Mirza said: “Is that really an issue? We’ve managed as a couple and production partners for five years now. Our production company Born Free would always remain our collaborative brain-child. We’re both strong personalities. But there are no ego issues at all.”
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