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Review Logitech Z443 Multimedia Speakers: High on bass, good with the rest | The Indian Express

Related. When it comes to computer peripherals Logitech is one that commands the most brand recollection. Though a bit premium for many, it still promises quality and durability for those who are willing to spend that little bit extra. Their latest is the Z443 multimedia speaker with subwoofer. Here is the review. Design. The wooden finish of the Z443 looks classy and fibre board body feels sturdy. It will definitely go with your furniture. The speakers are behind a fabric netting, full with the Logitech logo in chrome. The front panel in the sub-woofer has volume and bass controls. The volume control also has the on/off switch. The set up is quite easy with the satellites being plugged into the subwoofer. Performance. The Z443 is made for people who like to play around with their bass. Or should I say, play everything with their bass. That intention is clear when you put the bass controls almost as prominently as the volume. But the bass here is good enough to be flaunted. I tested with some heavy bass numbers by Cyberoptics, Khalifa and Dr Dre to really push the sub woofers. The results were surprisingly good for a 2.1 set. At the top of the bass dial, you can feel the vibrations in the subwoofer and even the table it is kept on. Then I went to the other extreme and tried some Soul by Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathway. The results were even better, after all this is the kind of music I like to hear. The vocals really touched a chord and rights where they should. At the audio is true even at the high volumes, which is hard to find in desktop speakers. The wooden body gave me the impression that the acoustics should be good. I tested it with a Yuki Matsui guitar solo I have always adored. I was not disappointed, especially since the last time I tested this was on Creative T4 for that costs six times as much as this one. Yes, this works for all kinds of music you would want to hear on your PC. My only grouse with the Z443 is that it does not give some additional source options. For.
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