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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is loaded with features | The Indian Express

Galaxy Note 10.1 is loaded with features—multi-window, smart stay, air view, etc—but Too many features also mean the device, at times, does tend to lag but, fortunately, this lag is not frustrating. Although Samsung may be bracing for its weakest smartphone profit growth this year since 2007 as arch rival Apple challenges its domination in China’s $80 billion market—according to Reuters, from January 17, Apple will make its phones available via China Mobile through which Samsung has been successfully selling smartphones for seven years, hurting the Korean company’s sales—Samsung continues its strong grip over the Indian market. And though new players such as Micromax and Gionee are eating into the sales of established players in India, products from companies such as Samsung are seeing increasing interest among the buyers. In fact, according to Google India Zeitgeist—which tracks the year’s major events and trends based on Google searches—the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the most searched for mobile device in the country in 2013. This year, one mobile device that just might enter the Google India Zeitgeist list is the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition). Promising what the company calls the “best viewing experience”, the new Galaxy Note 10.1 boasts of extremely high WQXGA resolution with crystal clear viewing quality and big screen. In fact, the resolution offers the user utmost viewing experience and full HD contents are fully supported without compromising quality. This is one tablet in which every image and video is displayed more vividly and more sharply than many other similar devices. The Galaxy Note 10.1 also allows magazine-like experience via its 10.1-inch large screen. You can create your own menu screen by pinning your most used and loved apps, websites, videos, files, and folders to your screen. Then, there is enough screen space to do multiple tasks simultaneously. For example, you can activate two apps at the same time, and you can also draw or scribble while you are doing something else, like watching a movie. This tablet also gets a new exterior design. The extra space from the bezel is removed, making it smaller in size and lighter in weight without a reduction in the screen size. Then, the leather-like back cover gives the Galaxy Note 10.1 a more classic look. It has got a very solid build quality and is easy to grip. But while this tablet is fairly light at 547 gm, it remains heavy enough for single-handed usage—more often than not, you have to use both hands to o.
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