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Krrish 3 is a superhero film. It is also a throwback to the creaky family entertainers Bollywood used to make. The hero has special powers,sure,but also a loving daddy,a lovely wifey,an attractive moll and a villain with severe daddy issues. Only a pet poodle or parrot is missing. Superheroes have been around in Hindi cinema for decades,but huge technology jumps have made Krrish 3 the slickest of them all,special effects-wise. The rest of it is marred by tackiness. When Krrish is doing his derring-do stunts,we watch,even if weve seen Superman do this 30 years ago. But when he delivers maudlin dialogue about fathers and mothers and bravery,we are pulled back to the ground with a thud,with the superhero the Roshans made. Hrithik is the perfect choice amongst the Bollywood superstar lot to do this role. With his superbly articulated chest,each muscle moving and shiny and oiled,Krrish doesnt even need a mask and a cape. But the ensemble is eye-catching,and we ignore his immaculately-styled long hair,flying in the wind,when he is whizzing about rescuing little boys. Roshan Jr is as likeable and earnest as he usually is,but cant rise above the mothballed treatment. Roshan Sr,who has written and directed,should have given the superhero more to do. But he gets stuck in bringing the backstory forward. The soppy but sweet Koi Mil Gayas (2003) socially challenged but brilliant Rohit begets Krishna,who finds his super powers in Krrish (2006). Both the ageing Rohit and Krishna star in Krrish 3,and both roles are played by Hrithik. Priyanka,playing Krishnas TV reporter wife,has to look on admiringly as Hrithik does his standard dance number. He is still as dextrous,but the dancing has no zing,and the songs are terrible. All is hunky dory,with Krrish doing his superhero stuff,rescuing a damaged aircraft (there are no seat belts around the screaming passengers: should we care,or does anything go if it is a superhero film?). And then Kaal (Oberoi,kitted out in pale pancake and snarls),with the help of his coldly beautiful creation Kaya (Ranaut,fancy-plaited and slitty-eyed) and a few other human-aliens,rears up in his den in some snowy mountains in an unspecified spot. And begins his plans of decimating the human race. At which point I stopped asking for even slim logic to connect the maanwars Kaals word for his man and animal creatures and scientists doing hocus pocus in labs and chattering about viruses and antidotes and so on. I kept trying to ignore the blatant brands promotion that Krrish 3 turns into. I stopped hoping that Roshan Sr would abandon his old-style film making to bring us something dazzlingly new. I was left with just a few truly spectacular scenes,in which Krrish leapfrogs across the sky. This is where some kids (and adults) may clap and cheer. The rest of it is the usual old,inane ma-pitaji mush-fest. And oh yes,there is sure to be a Krrish 4. Or given that there was no 2 between the original Krrish and this third instalment,maybe that will be 5. Whatever,Im not holding my breath.
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