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Style up this winter | The Indian Express

Related. For some,winter is an exciting time when it is most appropriate to don a fashionable coat or new pair of boots. For others it is a difficult time that requires so much effort to look stylish and trendy. But,here are some tips to get up-to-date popular winter fashion tips. Footwear. Thigh-high and knee high boots are a popular shoe trend for the winter months,the toasty thing to wear on your feet until the thaw for the spring. Try to choose easy-to-wear styles. Currently timeless footwear is top trendy. Knits. Soft drapes are in for sweaters,sweater dresses and cardigans. This winter’s favorite long line knits lend themselves to a soft,draping silhouette. Go for ultra-soft lightweight knits; drapes and chunky just don’t mix. The way knits are matched with accessories is what will make it trendy. Pair knitted pieces with feminine and sophisticated items,such as high-heels,delicate tights and fine,thin leather belts for a casual-chic look. Bohemian knits could also be matched with a super delicate chiffon dress for a romantic look. Pants to suit you. This season,any pant cut is fashionable. Boot cuts are back,and flares and wide leg pants are also prominent. Skinny jeans are still around – team with a camel coat for a stylish look. Whatever your size or shape,there’s a fashionably cut pant to suit you this winter. Coats. The short coat is a popular choice for winter wear,most often appearing in solid,thick fabrics with a professional office look. Long coats are out,as is fur. High-class faux-fur can keep you warm and fashionable,and complements an evening dress nicely. Coats should be chosen based on the climate first then fashionability. Bottoms. Leggings are a great way to keep warm and express yourself during the winter season. There are many options for leggings,including tights,thigh-highs,knee-highs,in many choices of fabric. Leggings come in a variety of colors and can be used to accessorize a variety of winter looks. For an edgy look,choose an original fabric pattern,or do some damage to your leggings for a tattered bohemian style.
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