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What makes a city unique and special? Check out the best things from food to travel – The Economic Times

Have you celebrated your city recently? Once you’re a resident, the work life can keep you away from going sightseeing around the highlights and attractions of your own city. At ET-Travel, we suggest you take a look around like a true local and stop living like a tourist in your own city. Break free from the mayhem of planning a weekend getaway. Why not have a weekend full of activities, sight-seeing and adventure in the city itself? Pick a chat with the taxi or rickshaw driver, listen to their tales, share their passion and warmth for the land you reside in. Try to spend some time volunteering at a local NGO, contributing to society can get give you a high. Try popular street food, walk the bylanes, visit the museum, aquarium and national park to add an element of freshness to your life and the year ahead. Start 2014 with a fresh departure of living it up with your family right in your city. MUMBAI: The word ‘Mumbai’ brings up emotions such as dreams, fame, wealth, glamour and more. To the uninitiated, the city has lots more to offer than what meets the eye. In one single breath, the city has the power to create Bollywood stars or allow isolation to make for a solitary existence. Smiles, struggles and unabridged passion form the backbone of Mumbai. Visit the Prince of Wales Museum at Fort, followed by a leisurely afternoon lunch, ending the day with a play either at NCPA or Prithvi. On day two, get close to nature at either Sanjay Gandhi National Park or Hanging Gardens. For the star-struck, take a trip to Film City in Goregaon. An evening at the Nehru Planetarium can translate into a crash course in astrology. Must-do: After a night of partying and dining out, head to either Marine Drive, Worli Seaface or Carter Road Promenade to get a sparkling view of the city in moonlight. Must-attend : The energy, vibe and spirit at the Mumbai Marathon is unmatched. It is a different experience to see people from all age groups run for a cause that is closest to their hearts. The marathon will be held on January 19. For participants there are on route facilities such as water stations, cool sponges, energy drink, orange, salt counters and more. Start running!
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