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Why Dedh Ishqiya is aadhaa lesbian love – The Economic Times

Dedh Ishqiya is also aadhaa lesbian love. You first see a chaste kiss on Begum Para’s forehead by her young companion Muniya. Then, on the other side of the interval, you glimpse an amorous play of their shadows on a wall. As the two silhouettes collapse into each other, Naseeruddin Shah , playing the crook-poet Khalujaan, says with a resigned smile, ” Lihaaf maang lein (Shall we ask for a quilt)?” In a movie of splendid allusions, it is not a throwaway line. Lihaaf – the famous short story by Ismat Chughtai – celebrated lesbian love that heaves, in secret, under a quilt. Here, Khalujaan asks for a lihaaf for Begum Para and Muniya, played by Madhuri Dixit and Huma Qureshi, in Abhishek Chaubey’s film Dedh Ishqiya. Bollywood’s hunky heroes have alluded to gay sex with all the innuendos at their command: often they were heterosexual characters playing mock-homosexuals in New York ( Kal Ho Naa Ho) or Miami ( Dostana). Gay characters have sporadically appeared in a handful of movies between Rafoo Chakkar and My Brother Nikhil. But when did a mainstream Bollywood heroine play gay in a mainstream Hindi movie – before and since Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das kissed in Fire? And here it is played by Dixit, who has been the object and subject of full-blown heterosexual love in films. She was the dhak-dhak girl, the ek, do, teen enchantress, the dream woman of Rahul and Prem. Now she conspires to flee with a woman, Muniya. There are a few more wrinkles on Dixit’s face, but these only show how far Hindi cinema has travelled. And, yet, some things have remained the same, 72 years after Lihaaf. Chughtai has written about the Lihaaf trial, a case that crumbled because the judge could not spot one obscene word in her story. She writes, “The proceedings had lost some of their verve, the witnesses who were called in to prove that Lihaaf was obscene were beginning to lose their nerve in the face of our lawyer’s cross-examination. No word capable of inviting condemnation could be found. After a great deal of searching, a gentleman said, “The sentence ‘she was collecting aashiqs (lovers)’ is obscene.”
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