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Xperia Z1 Compact: An iPhone sized top-end Android phone – The Economic Times

LAS VEGAS: Finally! The high-end Android phones are kind of awesome. But most of them are also quite large. In fact for many users, devices like Galaxy Note, Xperia Z1 are uncomfortably large. Many companies have tried to address this problem by releasing ‘mini’ versions of their flagship phones. Example: Galaxy S4 Mini. But Galaxy S4 Mini is not Galaxy S4. The large screen is not the only thing it lacks. It also lacks the powerful hardware, a fantastic camera and a great screen find in Galaxy S4. Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact looks like a phone for all those people who want a smaller device but without sacrificing the functionality and power that bigger devices offer. As the name suggests, this new phone from Sony is a ‘compact’ Xperia Z1. We checked out the device at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and found there is very little difference between Z1 and Compact other than the size. To start with, the design is same. However, for some reason it has slightly chunkier body. May be this is to accommodate a decent size battery. Compared to Z1, the Compact is 1mm thicker at 9.5mm. This is not much but is noticeable when you hold the device in hand. Compact has a fantastic build quality. The body is made of aluminium allow. There is glass cover on both the front of the screen and the back cover. This glass feels very tough. Just like other Xperia Z series devices, Compact is waterproof. The phone has a 4.3-inch screen with 720×1280 pixels. Z1 has a FullHD screen and text does look a little bit sharper on it compared to Compact. In terms of showing rich colours and contrast, the screen on Compact is very good. In fact it is slightly better than the screen in Z1, especially in terms of viewing angles. On Z1, colours lose contrast slightly on the screen if you move phone out of your direct line of sight. On Compact, the colours remain same. The internal hardware in Compact is the same found inside Z1. This means Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, support for microSD card and 20.7MP primary camera. The software that powers the phone is also the same — Android 4.3 with the customized user interface. In terms of performance, we found Compact to be every bit as fast as Z1. There is no lag. It is fast fast fast. When Sony launches the phone in India we will take a better look at it but our first impression is Xperia Compact looks like the perfect phone for people who want versatility of Android in a package that is similar to iPhone .
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